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If you still haven't decided to get the title or you have very little time, the baptism is an initiation program that allows you to try the experience of diving under the close supervision of a PADI Instructor.




±3hr <12mts ≥10yo

Let us explain you...

With the DSD you do not obtain a certification but, if after the experience you wish to continue, we can include it as part of your Open Water Diver and you will only pay for the course. In a short class, the instructor explains the dynamics of diving and how to easily solve the most common problems. Then you go into the water to practice a series of exercises that will improve your comfort and safety, and end up diving with the instructor to experience for the first time your superpower of breathing underwater.

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To enroll in a PADI Initiation Program you must be at least 10 years old, know how to swim, and be in good physical health. No previous diving experience is necessary.

It includes:

  • Rental equipment
  • Online teaching materials
  • Recognition card

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