Adaptive Support Diver

Help people with physical disabilities and share the pleasure of flying underwater.

Adaptive Support Diver

Adaptive Support Diver

If you have always wanted to be useful to people with physical disabilities and you want to share the pleasure of flying underwater with someone who will appreciate your help, this is undoubtedly the specialty that will give you the most emotions.




1-2days <30mts ≥15yo

Let us explain you...

People with physical limitations can find great pleasure in diving. Going from relying on a wheelchair to get around, to being able to fly underwater is a radical change that provides enormous pleasure to those who experience it. In this course we review techniques adapted to different types of disabilities that will make your experience easy and unforgettable.

It is necessary to have a current lifeguard and first aid degree to enroll in this course. If you are not a lifeguard, do it with us too!

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For cancellations or changes contact at least 72 hours before.

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Download and fill out the following medical questionnaire. You will also need a medical certificate that verbatim ensures that you are 'Fit for diving'. Your safety first!

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