Advanced Specialties

For Advanced Divers: choose between Search & Recovery, Wreck or Deep Diver.

Advanced Specialties
Advanced Specialties

If you are already an Advanced Diver and you like challenges, do not hesitate to take the plunge and expand the limit of your maximum depth or discover new skills that will put all your senses to the test.




2-3days <30mts ≥12yo

Let us excplain you...

We are all different and we are motivated by different aspects of life. With diving it could not be different and that is why we offer you a wide range of possibilities. Now you have the opportunity to continue developing as a diver in the direction that most appeals to you.

Minimum level to enroll: Advanced Open Water Diver.

Find your Specialty:

  • Search & Recovery
  • Wreck Diver
  • Deep Diver (Max. 40m)

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations or changes contact at least 72 hours before.

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Download and fill out the following medical questionnaire. You will also need a medical certificate that verbatim ensures that you are 'Fit for diving'. Your safety first!

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