Emergency Oxygen Provider

Discover all the secrets of the equipment used by professionals.

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Emergency Oxygen Provider

La administración de oxígeno de emergencia es fundamental en la mayoría de los accidentes de Emergency oxygen administration is critical in most diving accidents. Doing it quickly and correctly can be key to the speedy recovery of the injured person. Are you ready to take over?




4-6hrs --- ---

Let us explain you...

In many countries it is necessary to be in possession of a specific qualification to use emergency oxygen systems and to access a large number of jobs.

Over this course we will cover:

  • Continuous Flow oxygen systems.
  • Demand Valve oxygen systems.
  • Oxygen administration masks.
  • Decompression sickness
  • Dive accident scenarios

It is advisable to hold a current Emergency First Response certification. If you are not yet an Emergency Responder, do it with us too!

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For cancellations or changes contact at least 72 hours before.

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Download and fill out the following medical questionnaire. You will also need a medical certificate that verbatim ensures that you are 'Fit for diving'. Your safety first!

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