Rescue Diver

Learn to save lives while having a great time with the situations that your Instructor poses for you!

Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

There is no safer diver than one who knows how to prevent problems and how to act in the event of an accident. For many, the Rescue Diver course is the first step towards a professional diving career.




3-4days <30mts ≥12yo

Let us explain you...

Without a doubt, this is a course in which you seriously enjoy learning to prevent problems in the water and to act effectively in the event of an accident. A real challenge! What more can you ask for?

Over the course we will cover:

  • Aquatic rescue
  • Self-rescue & diver stress
  • Emergency equipment and management
  • Distress diver at the surface
  • Missing diver searching procedures
  • Underwater problems
  • Exit an unresponsive diver
  • Inwater rescue breath protocol
  • Exits
  • First aid for Decompression Illness
  • Oxygen kits
  • Rescue scenarios

Do you still want more? Well, we also offer you:

  • Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty

It is necessary to have a current degree in CPR and first aid to enroll in this course. If you still don't have it, do it with us too!

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